A short story of mans plight to be rid of a mole- 

Mr George woke one morning to find strange piles of soil over his lawn. They were not there when he went to bed, who could have put them there

Under Mr George's lawn Wart the mole was relaxing after an evenings work

Mr George was very angry at the damage to his lawn and started jumping up and down on the mounds of dirt.

Mr George's jumping knocked all Warts things off his shelf and Wart realised he had a problem, as up on the surface lurked a roof stomper!

Mr George had to be rid of the mole and found an old book of advice to rid yourself of a mole. He pushed and poked sharp things into the tunnel like holly and broken glass and even dropped mothballs down to scare the mole away .

Down below Wart had tidied up the mess and wall papered the tunnels to make it feel just like home.

The next day Mr George went out into the garden to see if the molehills had gone but they were still there,  he remembered that bottles placed in the ground would scare away any mole.

Wart and his friends were enjoying the strange noises and soon joined in making tunnel tunes that all could dance and sing along too.

That evening Mr George decided to seek help and went down to the local village pub for the advice of all those expert molecatchers that he would find leaning up against the bar.

With all the advice he needed Mr George was ready to battle with the little man in black beneath his lawn and began with what could not fail - windmills that would spin and scare the mole away.

Wart had never seen the tunnels so bright before.

Mr George had lost his patience with the mole and drowning was a sure method to finally see an end to the tunnelling tyrant.

The worms love playing in the water and Wart liked nothing more than an afternoons fishing

Still the molehills appeared but Mr George has something special for removing any stubborn mole.

All that water had encouraged more worms to the garden than Wart could eat, but Mr George had provided the perfect answer

Electronic devices could not fail- the man in the garden centre told Mr George, teh vibrations will send the mole scurrying to the next garden.

Wart was happy to lose some weight after the feast of the past few days, and the worms enjoyed feeling the sensations too.

Mr George called in the professionals to finally be certain of catching the mole- once and for all.

Wart also enjoyed the use of gadgets whenever the chance arose and his latest device was to come in very handy

Mr George had to resort to drastic measures but even these failed to have any effect on the mole.

Meanwhile Wart was relaxing after an exhausting and eventful week

and they both lived happily ever after