Here is a brief explanation for teachers

Mole watch live provides a unique look into the mysterious world beneath our feet.

Students will be encouraged to search for and reveal the evidence into the lives of moles.

It will require studying the climate, soils, and wildlife whilst combining basic skills with recording of information, computing, and communication skills.

Suitable for all age groups Schools with access to outside areas can combine Mole Watch Live with other projects

Schools without access to outside areas can twin with those that do, encouraging schools across the Country to join and provide a national information base of the lives of these mysterious of British Mammals

Create your very own mole county watch and share with others schools in your area

The presence of a molehill is not a pile of soil but a key to a fascinating world that educates enlightens and entertains

This project can be commenced at any time of the year, following the progress of even one schools project on line will provide an exceptional opportunity for children across the whole of the country to understand this strange world.

Start your schools Mole Watch Live project and create your very own mole watch live school web page.

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