Starting your mole watch

Understanding moles is not difficult and makes a unique and exciting project for individuals or groups. Here we explain the basic requirements to begin your own fascinating mole watch. Watching moles is suitable for all ages, from younger watchers or “Miners” through all key stages to students working on environmental projects. 

Mole Watch Live may be addressed to any year level with older year groups encouraged to consider higher levels of study not suitable to the younger students, details for this upon request. Group lessons or multiple class involvement will create an interest that may be incorporated into other topics in the curriculum. Especially the natural environment, climate change, recycling & composting. Mole watch will augment other nature study, horticultural and agricultural topics and as a national project it will also enable interaction between educational establishments, groups, and clubs to collate studies and encourage both media and communication skills. These skills will allow group projects to interact with each other to learn further on the life of the mole in other parts of the UK creating a cross section of the life of the humble mole.

Schools and groups that do not have access to a mole watch base location could twin with others that do have access via internet connections, sharing the information creating a friendship between establishments and this could even extend internationally! Having established a Mole Watch project, it will also be possible from the natural habits of the mole for the project to continue for further year groups or for the group to increase their studies through their academic years. Basic studies in the Mole Watch Live project will require that students work both inside and outside the classroom collecting information. 

Collecting outside information will require that the students learn of natural geographical information which they will record with climate situations relevant to their base location. This induces the knowledge of changes climatically to their locations and how nature adapts accordingly. The presence of molehills to many is an unwanted sight but to the students of mole watch it provides a vast source of facts to reveal the life of the mole.

They will record measurements of soil in heights and diameters, area of damage in relation to soil types and horizons.
Date and season changes from recorded weather patterns, provide charts and graphs for debate and comparison and all without even fully beginning to understand the complex world beneath their feet.
Opening up this mysterious world they will also learn about Britain’s most frequently experienced but rarely seen of mammals from the United Kingdom – the mole.

They will learn of how this animal has evolved to live in the soil and the amazing abilities it has to survive against the harsh environments and from its predators and from its own kind.

Mole Watch Live will open the eyes of the Nation and provide the enjoyment of combining modern educational skills, national and international communication opportunities and knowledge of environmental issues all from the understanding of the everyday life of a mole.

If you or your school or group is running a mole project this can be a joint observation between classes or stages, providing every little change as the mole goes about its daily life. Mole Watch Live will collate the information keeping you up to date with what moles in other areas are up to and from this national collected works it will possible to study these often never seen of British Mammals. You will learn of this humble creature and its underground world, of the perils from living in a harsh environment and the pressures to stay alive from battling both the elements and constant competition from those of the same species.

The information you collect we will assemble for a national in-depth mole survey that will be vital for a better understanding of this animal that will be a foundation for future study.

As you collect your information email it to Mole Watch Live headquarters.